Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good News!!

I really loved this article and I urge you guys to read it. And you thought these idiots were stupid.

Conservative talk radio has never been more angry and extreme than today.
You might think that’s a response to the Obama presidency. That's because it is.
But even more, conservative talkers are responding to a collapse in advertising revenues.

Talk radio has lost 30-40% of its ad revenues over the past two years.

"One of the most civil voices biggest assholes in talk radio, Michael Medved, explains the economic pressure upon the industry. He told NewMajority: “In this economic environment, you have a push to be outrageous, to be on the fringe, because what you’re desperately competing for are the P-1's,[those who tune in most frequently]. As a result, talk radio hosts are feeling more pressure than usual
to yell harder, scream louder, and insult further. Talk shows “are fighting for an ever- smaller pie,[which means that] you’ve got to be even louder about it because you’re trying to get the attention of
an ever-smaller niche,” said Medved.

Bullshit, as always, from the Medved dummy.
The truth is the Rush makes $40M a year and all the clones want his paycheck.

Plus revenues are falling at talk radio. This country has issues and the brainless troglodytes don't want their hourly fix of AM Radio race-hate?

Never under estimate racism these whack jobs are still going to tune in like always.
They can't survive without hourly assurances that "that nigger" is a fraud from Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

This just proves the progessives like you and your leader, God Almighty Obongo hates the troops:

But many of the riflemen voiced frustration at the limited options they were left with when trying to expand control of the town on Wednesday. The orders to hold fire appeared to have slowed their advance in Dahaneh, where after a full day they held only a small foothold outpost.

This alone should be enough to bring the DemoNuts up on treason charges. How many US troops are going to get killed or wounded because of these dumb orders?
And how many of the troops will be brought up on charges if they don't follow the DemoNutzis orders?

Klepto the Clown