Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Angry White Guys!

That statement was actually made...I will pause for the irony to sink in and the laughter to subside...

What we're seeing in these angry town halls these days is the last gasp of the angry white man. He's not quite sure what he's angry about, but he knows he's angry. It's not the world he used to know.
He gets the disquieting feeling that he doesn't rule the roost anymore. And it's driving him crazy.

One of the chants at the town hall events was, "No national health care!" Okay, mission accomplished.No one has proposed such a thing. So, I guess they can go home now befuddled at what they were yelling about.

The reality is that what they have been manipulated into arguing against is a public option that would give them more choices, not less in health insurance. It wouldn't nationalize health insurance at all, let alone any part of the rest of the healthcare industry.

But this isn't about health insurance. It isn't even about health care. You think those people are really this animated about having less health care options and making sure it costs more for them and their family? No, this is visceral for them. And it has nothing to do with their perceived choices on health care.
This is about the sinking feeling in their stomach that they are losing power in this country - losing control. That the reigns of power are slipping out of their hands and they don't know what to do about it except yell, really loud.

You see folks,in other words, all that talk about "equality" was bullshit
because rich, white, straight, old Republicans want to run everything.

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Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny how a black republican gets the hell beat out of him by left wing union thugs; yet HE that runs this board isnt outraged about that. Oh but he is SO!! angry with whittee using their right to assemble.

What this?? Bigdaddy Palin?? Whittee kicking a black mans ass doesnt get a smell from you?

Oh wait thats right his assailant was black and along with some other SEIU representatives help send him to the hospital. Wheres the anger for this mans assault?

Nice bias by bigdaddy palin. Demonstrating once again how fake your unbias political radio persona is and was.

Are you race baiting Mr. Bigdaddy Palin? and i quote from you:

"You see folks,in other words, all that talk about "equality" was bullshit because rich, white, straight, old Republicans want to run everything."

Whats this just white repubs? Bias anyone?? Racist??

"It boils down to this...
All this crap about "We're losing our freedoms and our very livelihoods" is code for, "We just can't stand a nigger in the White House."

Really? niggas kicking niggas asses because they cant stand a nigga in the WHITTEE HOUSE!!!

Now i know for sure why you took the stance you did on the Gates issue and that BULLSHIT about you being fair minded on the gates racial profiling issue...Pfffft!!
Your actions once again says different.Your convictions dont match your rhetoric. Just like how you have a healthy respect for the law, but dismiss it because a black harvard professor acted a fool and whittee was so wrong.

Oh and i did i mention that Gates wanted to be haulled off? (yes you did bigdog)...oh ok...:)


Anonymous said...

Actually the black guy was not a Republican but just a guy selling flags claiming that he is an Independent. And actually he did't really get beaten up. I have seen the bit where he gets up and walks around then later is shown in a wheelchair with his lawyer.
There is some smoke here but there is no fire.

You should have looked into this closer Bigdog.