Friday, August 07, 2009

Hypocrisy! Jesus Is As Jesus Does.

Is There Really Any Difference Here? WWJD MY ASS!

This is not a picture of Jesus..This(to put it accurately)is a interpretation of him. Since no one knew how he really looked or even if he even existed at all according to some biblical scholars. This interpretation is what you will find in churches all over the world. white/black etc...But my point is this. Christians love to laugh at Muslims extremists belief of meeting up with "72 virgins" and god in the afterlife.(Of course my view is after the 2nd virgin you pretty much might want a woman who has been around the block a few times and who is a pro(freak ya down right)...just saying..?) But I digress. But christians wholeheartedly believe that in the afterlife they are reunited with their "dead relatives and friends" and meet god on an invisible cloud or in Heaven. Isn't that very interesting? They are not that far apart folks. I guess every religion has their own kind of "out there" beliefs...I want all you christians to ponder this posting very deeply next time you insult someone else's religion.


Anonymous said...

Which Christians laugh? Maybe you could list a few names.

Muslims should stay in their own fucked up countries.

Mayz said...

I voted for Obama, and ironically I am a Christian. It's not appropriate speak down on other religions, being that mine stands on the same basis. This particular myth that denotes the idea of a hero of the heart. Christianity is intended to form people in the image of love, not allow them to spit biased rhetoric. Those that do, are not growing in Christ's image and really aren't Christians. In an objective perspective, Christianity has saved lives, fed the hungry, and brought strength to the weak. Aside from the annoying rhetoric what harm has such a belief brought you?