Friday, August 14, 2009

Kudos To Michael Vick(Oh Yeah And Fuck Peta Too)

I dare you animal lovers to watch this video!!!!

Congratulations to Michael Vick for getting signed to the Eagles. It's great to live in a country where if you make a mistake then you can pay for that mistake. But noooo, I guess Peta and every extreme loony left pet loving nutcase is all up in arms about this....Why? Who in the hell knows. This has always been my problem with the extreme left. I have always believed that being on the extreme makes you stupid(just look at all the crazy postings on this site from the right wingers and left wingers)from the birthers to the death panels to the religious nutcases to the animals nutcase whacko's. You see folks this is the crux of the matter of being the Evil Genius. To be a proper free thinking individual you must rid yourself of any cognitive dissonance pertaining to what I am saying in regards to this subject. Let facts be your guide not blind faith.

I have always been a radical centrist who has never defined myself by left and right issues. Look, there is nothing wrong with loving your animals. Just don't go overboard with it and don't get mad at me just because I am for animal testing and that I think that Vick's a great guy. Now with that said,I don't think that animals should be abused(beaten up or used as sex objects). Now, I also hate it when the extremists on your side break into labs and steal these animals from laboratories or firebombing buildings(lord knows that's the job of those stupid rightwing nutcases who bomb abortion clinics). Or Peta criminals throwing paint on people wearing fur coats that constitutes assault and warrants a really quick ass whipping(just saying).If you agree with and do not denounce these despicable acts of leftwing violent criminal terrorism,then you are part of the problem and your are a f**king nutcase. So stop agreeing with these extremist hypocritical fake animal loving zombie people when it comes to bashing Vick. They are not making any logical sense.I also don't think that Vick has to be sorry anymore for what he did. He paid his debt to society and now its over so leave him alone! You know you have people in Asia who eat dogs and you have animals lovers who have sex with their animals(nasty bastards)now I am not saying all animals lovers engage in this sick behavior, I just like to point out the dangers of the extreme behaviors. You guys need to get a life and stop harassing Vick.

You guys seem to care more about animals then your own fellow humans beings. I would gladly kill animals if I knew that he would advance the human agenda. How about taking Peta to task for the animals they slaughtered or better yet how come they have all the money in donations and yet do not operate a single animal shelter anywhere in the country? You have people who tie dogs and cats(great shark bait btw)on the continent of Africa(hear that Palin...continent)on fishing lines for shark fishing. I cringed when I saw that puppy being thrown from a cliff in Iraq by a us soldier or the video on the net of the puppy being thrown in the pit of alligators on the net(check it out)and then being ripped to shreds. You know why? because I have a heart. But I equally hate it when I see a man make a mistake and then serves his time and then he gets out and is harassed by a group of loony left leaning animal loving criminal thugs who makes his life a living hell(that's what marriage is for). Which proves my point. It doesn't matter if you payed a price or not people will bitch and moan over anything.Get a life you Peta cultists and keep your hands off my animal enjoyment!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you posted this: if you are a black athlete or for that matter any athlete one rule to remember is don't fuck with small furry animals or we whites will turn against you. You can beat your white trophy wife all day long and even just about cut her head off but don’t fuck with our little buds. White people were sleeping with small fury animals for centuries in Europe I don’t what the rest of you non whites were doing and I don’t really care.

Klepto the Clown

Marcus said...

I love my dog as much as any cracker but, I think Vick's problem wasn't his cruelty to dogs so much as the funding illegal gambling. He should be treated like Pete Rose.

Anonymous said...

I think he was charged on illegal gambling and cruelty to dogs charges though I am not one hundred percent certain and don't really care to waste my time double checking. The bottom line is that in General white people are attached to small furry animals. What are all the reasons for it...I don't know, but be someone famous like this guy and Most whites will punish you and nail you to the wall.

Klepto the Clown