Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Check out this shiggity..."It is not a question of her being qualified or not. She was picked for being a female and Hispanic. A quota pick...not necessarily the best pick, but what else would one expect from a pink tea bag sucking bambino ass kissing frog saving military hating liberal?"

-Another insecure white guy posting a comment pretending that Sotomayor does not have a 25 year record of judicial service and at least 4 cases where she sided with....are you ready for this.... Whiteguys!

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Anonymous said...

You are the one that is insecure. The US is in serious trouble financially: too many people in the back of the wagon. Having said that, how can anyone even a sap sucking, squirrel kissing, anti military, nut grabbing, gay liberal like you deny that she was picked because one she is a female and two she is Hispanic. Her being qualified is way down the list. Now why don’t you be a good boy and help some turtle cross an eight lane highway.

Klepto the Clown