Friday, August 14, 2009

To Hell With The Fear Mongers Close Gitmo!

First this lie, then lying about Obama's health care plan.

What idiot actually believes this stupid idea of not closing Gitmo.
I am so sick of hearing this lie about if you close Gitmo then the terrorists will get loose and run over American and escape...WTF? How stupid can you be? How did we become so wimpy in this country. I mean I know that the right wing is weak on terror and love to run scared every time a terrorist goes boo and Limbaugh and his clones are big cowards. But I expect better from my fellow citizens. Lets get past this hysteria and look at the facts shall we.

Professor Anthony has a question. Does anyone in class know how many terrorists we now house in this country?...No takers...Anyone?.... Anyone?......Bueller?....Fry?....

Answer: 355 terrorists in the United States.

Here is the breakdown, we currently house 216 international terrorists in this country and 139 domestic terrorists. They have been incarcerated in American prisons for years with not one problem. The breakdown including,Zacharias Moussaoui(911 planner)Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman (The Blind Sheikh 1st WTC terrorist that Clinton jailed,)Richard Reid(shoe bomber)and the list goes on..Oh ..Oh don't let me forget to mention homegrown right wing domestic terrorists like Eric Rudolph(abortion bomber)Terry Nichols(Oklahoma City Bomber homeboy of Timmy McVeigh)left wing terrorist Ted Kaczynski(Unabomber)and this is just in the state of Colorado. Like I said the list goes on. We house dangerous criminals who have not Manson,Richard Ramirez(the night stalker)Ted Bundy(we killed him later) and let us not forget all of the dangerous organized crime figures we house and mass murderers.
For years in the state of Kansas alone was housed some of the most feared vicious killers known to man before they were shipped to Colorado. Feared killers like Thomas Silverstein and Thomas Little not mentioning the rapists. You also have military personnel who killed their families or other troops in the barracks out there . Not one peep from any of them. Now if they had escaped they could have easily blended in with the population.This irrational fear has to stop. The right wing wants you to be afraid.Lest us also not forget one of the most feared serial killers in the US, Richard(Iceman) Kuklinski was housed safely in Rahway prison until his death a few years ago. We are fully capable of housing these terrorists safely. If it's one thing Americans do well...its prisons! So don't give into this fear and don't let these idiots get to you. They will yell, scream and lie to you. They can only make these stupid claims because most people do not realize who is already in their back yards and these neo cons are just a bunch of dumb asses(plus you can't water board in the US). So bring up that little fun little fact and watch them squirm. Please don't be fooled by the colossal ignorance coming from the right. I mean be honest,if your afraid of swarthy looking people then just say so. But do not act as if we can't handle the terrorists in our jails and prisons because we are so fragile, what a cop out!


John said...

To Anonymous from a past post,

You are really one angry person.I mean Dude I read your blog entry's and its like you just let it fly with the racial,homophobic rants and rightwing talking points. Need a Hug?? Sounds like a little projection from your part???

First, Obama isn't my boy. I voted for him and like all elected leaders I hold him to the same standards i set for anyone in office. If he mess up I will call him on it.

Second, I don't care what Obama wrote about the Soviet Union while in college nor who taught him or influenced his views.(Gee do I smell Glen Beck because he is supposed to do a big exspose about Barack Obama "The Black Radical Years" on Faux news) He's the elected President of the United States. We are all influence by people we cross through our life journey. I don't hold that against no one because its what they are about now that matters.(Go ahead knock yourself out though if you float in conspiracy land!!!)

Speaking of Glen"Lonsesome Rhodes" Beck. It seems Glen has some explaining to do cause about two years ago he was in the hospital for surgery. He did a webcast about his condition and the terrible hospital care he got. Then he comes back to his show on CNN and started ranting about the bad HEALTHCARE he got and that something had to be done for Healthcare in this country for all citizens. He did segments which he had guest on talking about it. (Now is it just me or is this moron I dont know a HYPOCRITE????) Source: The Daily Show 8/13/2009.

Oh and Genius I agree closed Gitmo down because this fearmongering by the rightwing is nothing but "KAKA"

Anonymous said...

Dear, Sir...that is Sir John. I am just an ordinary white male...perfectly balanced. God or Satan help, you and others with the not so balanced white males in this country. There is no irony in what I am saying. That should scare the shit out of you.

I am not a fan of Beck or any of the Media shills that are supposedly Right Wing...they are not. They suck at Israel’s tit and are no friend of mine.

As far as Gitmo is concerned why not give two prisoners to each Demo in office: works for me. They can live with and be the responsibility of liberals.

John said...

Hey Anonymous,
Hey if you are a good white man!! Then I really don't need to see the bad ones cause with your past postings my friend "YOUR THERE ALREADY!!" But hey I don't give a damn what color you are. You seem to have the issues with that (your past postings.) I don't care if you believe in GOD or SATAN makes no diffrence to me.(I'm a Diest) I sense a little anti-semitism but hey "WHATEVER!!!"

What is wrong with putting the folks in Gitmo in U.S. Federal Prisions?? or diffrent military baracks in this country?? You know we got terroist in our federal prison system (White and Non White.) You Know there is a town up in Idaho,Utah or Montana who would take all of them cause they have a brand new jail that they built and can't used cause of budget issues.

I have been up to the prison barracks at FT. Leavenworth and they have the facilites to housed and treat the needs of these folks. Pat Roberts and Lynn Jenkins are COWARDS!!! They don't have to housed all of them. OH and let me remind you anonymous that German POW's was housed there during WWII. So it's been done before so it could be done again with the right security issues addressed. (Quit Watching 24 cause it makes you STUPID!!!)

Cha-De'-Ra said...

"Fear Based Management" is the Coat of Arms for the all streams of Media Whores, Politics, Foreign Councils and Affairs, Military and so forth throughout the world. This is how NWO Government supporters hold onto their supposed "Thrones".

International Governmental and Corporate Neo-Cheating is at an all time high. They bombard the people of Earth with Fear Based Manipulation by the Media through covert-subliminal means, and sometime not so covert, is just out right deplorable. Spreading their Fear Mongering with words like "WMD'S" and Terrorism when truly they are the true terrorists terrorizing their own people with propaganda and hidden truths placed right before their Sheepish Eyes.

These Corporate Entities,(and that is just what they are!) create Maya/Illusions to the masses that they are in grave danger when the fact is they're the actual people responsible and hold the receipts for these War Crimes and WMD's because they bought and facilitated them! Let us not forget who purchased and distributed nukes, tanks, ballistics missiles and weaponry to 3rd World Countries and Military Regimes with their Guerrilla Warmongering spanning across the globe. War is big business. Just ask the Central Bank, Arms Dealers and the World Government Agencies!

These World Government Agencies with their Co-Intell Pro, Willie Lynch Syndrome, "The Making of a Slave", Manifest Destiny Tactics are just as comparable to the inner city gangs and drug rings that are disseminated from the actual governments and law enforcement agencies that introduce the bio-weapons, drugs and weaponry into the inner city communities so that they can kill each other.

"Letting America, Land of the Sheeple do the dirty work for the NWO!" Just more Fear Based Management and Fear Based Conditioning.

Gitmo is just a by product of Fear Based Management by Neo-Cheaters. The Ultimate Neo-Re-CON!

Welcome to Plantation Earth - NWO Planet of Slaves!!! WAKE-UP!!!!