Monday, August 03, 2009

My Parthinian Shot On The Gates Fiasco! The Last Word!

Now it is common knowledge that I like to beat up on Dems and Neo cons. I love to punch them hard in the political nutsack. I beat them like Ike beat Tina, like Obama beat McCain,like Palin beat Alaska, like Godzilla beat Mekagodzilla. So I would like to take the time to smack all of you bitches up like a whore that came up short with my money. Its great,when a judge on Fox News agrees with me. Because this guy studied the law on the Gates issue. He has the experience in the courts and that trumps any evidence that a certain person has tried to ineffectively argue the last few blogs.Lets keep in mind I made these same points.

I present to you Judge Napolitano......

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News judicial analyst, explained that under Massachusetts law, Cambridge Sergeant Jim Crowley did act improperly by arresting historian Henry Louis Gates. His argument essentially boils down to the difference between public and private domain. As Crowley arrested
Gates for causing a “public disturbance,” the action is improper on its face due to the fact that Gates was in his own home. Additionally, Napolitano said, it was illegal for the police to enter the house to begin with, as the source of the report did not pass legal muster to constitute probable cause.

Napolitano added that because of the violation of Gates’s constitutional rights,
he would be eligible to pursue legal action against the police department

Here is the link please click on it and read and watch the video,so I can rub it in Bigdogs and the others face about how wrong they are(as usual).


John said...

I have always respected Andrew Napolitano's opinions and the fact that unlike a lot of Fox News so called experts well he is one!!!!

It is plain to see the city of Cambridge felt embarrased by this incident cause the police drop the case because Gee Dr. Gates was arrested in his own House. and it didn't meet the statues under Mass. law.

But I guess the ignorant RIGHTWING morons that blog in (Anynomous??) don't see that cause they to busy freaking out that a Blackman is the President so thier little worldview is just shattered to bits and pieces!!!!

Anonymous said...

What was the black vote for Obongo? 98 percent.

If the country is better before his second term he gets second term if not he is out.

McSlime would have been worse; and Palin would have been a disaster. Even Hillary the slut would have been a better choice.

Lastly to John, why won't your boy release his transcripts, and thesis on Soviet Union: I mean he is the smartest president we have ever had. Surely his theis must be great.

Anonymous said...

Gates is a race baiter and in tax trouble to boot.

I cant wait for the lawsuit, if there is any.