Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Way To Go Anthony!!!!!

This is what happens when you list the facts folks,republicans scurry like roaches. But wow, another democrat surprised me the other day. I was pretty sure outside of Rahm and some others I mentioned that the rest was a bunch of wusses...ya know like republicans. It seems like these guys are graduating from my school of "Smack my GOP bitch up"! But I must stand corrected. Anthony Weiner(D-balls of steel) took on the lying right and made them shut up and shown them for what they really are loud mouth weaklings who have not the courage of their convictions... etc they are weak on terror and have not kept us safe,shilling for the insurance companies and do not believe in fact based analysis for anything. Case in point did you know this birther movement that's going around...well now they are shifting blame on MSNBC as the culprits of creating this story...I know, it sounds stupid right? Anyway ..Anthony discovered that these bigfoot chasers are really cowards and if you slap them just right they cave in. Which is what he did when he sponsored a bill to kill medicare.... because by definition that is socialism.. He challenged the hypocrites, that if they are so against socialized medicine because its evil and does not work then vote for his bill. Ha ha not one GOP member voted for it and you want to know why? Outside of being full of crap and cowards they knew that socialism does work and Americans like it. The GOP is crazy and wacky but they are not that stupid....well maybe???

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John said...

Hey I go one better. I would propose (The OPOUT act).Make medicare,social security optional for these morons that think everything is Socialism. If you been getting it and want to Opout fine. We take 10.00 out of each paycheck plus give you a buyout of what you put in to these programs from your work history.. (Sounds Great huh????)

Well here is a little hitch. You can't op back in. Sorry you can't
come back.

Funny the big insurance companies are running scared cause they are making up some "HUMDINGERS"!!!!