Friday, August 21, 2009

Jon's The Man!

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Again folks I can't stress enough the act of presenting just the facts to these nutjobs on the fringe. As you can see that's exactly what Jon Stewart does with Betsy McCaughey(R-Lying Ass Witch)She lied about the Clinton Health care bill now she is lying about the Obama bill(big surprise). I love how Stewart refutes her so wonderfully then her response is to thumb through the book and find some page and reads it then pulls a different meaning right out of her ass despite what's really written there.The funny thing is she also tries to appear to be an objective researcher. The concept that McCaughey seems to be unable to get her head around -- or that she believes she can manipulate voter opinion over the idea of adherence in end-of-life planning. She seemed to clearly indicate that she thought "adhering" to a living will means that the patient can't change his/her mind at any time during the course of his/her life; that once it's written, you've had your one crack and there are no do overs" This is, in a word, is F**cking crazy, because the truth is:

a) A living will only goes into effect once a patient is permanently incapacitated to the extent that no amount of medical care will bring the patient back into a state where they can proffer consent to attempt further life-saving procedures.

b) When the bill talks about adherence, this refers to the medical professionals adhering to the instructions in the living will, including, as Stewart points out again and again, adhering to any calls for "life sustaining medical procedures."

McCaughey insists at one point during this interview that the proof of her claims can be seen in the fact that the section in question was stripped from the bill. They took it out! THIS HAS TO HAVE BEEN A DASTARDLY PLOT, FOILED BY BETSY MCCAUGHEY. Yes. That must have been it.

Also: she believes that the government has a grand plan to literally end the lives of senior citizens. SURELY, THIS PLAN IS FOOLPROOF.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Read Up On What?(Hooked On Phonics Worked For Me!)


The guy in the center,his sign says it all. People are so stupid, its really stunning. Look at those other idiots sign...what nerve? Am I the only one who listened in American government classes in school? Am I the only guy who listened to the tour guide when I visited DC to see the Capitol? Well I guess I am,because if you turn on tv or radio it's the same thing. Congress does not read the bills. You had Senators waving around a thick pad of documents claiming no one has read them.(that's only half right).I heard a guy on radio mocking a congressman who said "they have not read it but they know whats in it". Why has this country gone bat shit stupid?...Well a third of the country is fucking bat shit. So that explains some and another portion is Palinesque stupid. Now these new "fundamentalist conservatives" are not that bright and that's why that idiot thought medicare was not socialized medicine. The whore media also plays a part because no one mentions the facts unless it's by accident.

But I will. Now first of all when congress comes up with a bill, they all go back and write their section of it.Then they hold a presentation of the bill.Since each congressmen wrote a section they now have to give a presentation of their particular section to congress and then it goes around to each congressman who wrote a piece of it. Then they give their presentation. So now everyone in congress has heard the bill via the presentation. But no one has read it, but they know what's in it..Get it?
So the republican politician who was waving the documents saying no one has read it was telling a half truth and doing political theater. So the next time you hear that crap just remember you do not have to be smart to be a neo con. Oh BTW these town hall disruptions from these astro turfers. Just keep in mind that political parties have been doing this to each other for years(I mean what do you think Cindy Sheehan was doing)the leftwingers threw pies at Ann Coulter and others shouted them down. They also disrupted GOP gatherings. The Gop went after them and called them un american and fox news went after them also. So all the republicans are doing is reversing the tables..The only real difference being that the right wing are fucking stupid. But now the republicans are now the disrupters. So all of a sudden it's no longer unAmerican to protest or scream down the other side.I just thought that media would help in educating these saps. But then again the media doing education that's like Fox News doing honest journalism. Remember folks extremists on either side or dangerous and stupid!

Funny Pics !

Obama really needs to stop this bipartisan crap and get to work.These conservatives will never like him.

Race Baiting!


I found this article very interesting from Paul Krugman.
"The driving force behind the town hall mobs is probably the same cultural and racial anxiety that's behind
the 'birther' movement.Rethugs are exploiting that anxiety to further the economic interests of their backers. Does this sound familiar? It should: Nixon advance GOP fortunes by appealing to the racial fears of working-class whites."
-- Paul Krugman- Link

This has always been about race.

NeoCons want their "whites only" country back and they want it back now.

Banned Ad Was A Fake!

Now this commercial turned out to be a fake. It's not an actual Sprite ad or commissioned by Sprite or Coca Cola(owner of Sprite).Its not even in German. It was shot in America the actors spoke english and it was done by a director as a"video spec" joke. But you know it still makes me want a Sprite for some reason.
I personally like this ad the chick was hot and could brush up on her techniques a little. Plus I know the racists will have their own twisted view of this ad. Now I personally think that kids should not view this commercial(if it was a real one). But I also think kids should not be viewing violence on television either. The funny part is how these uptight hosts are so trying to play the moral card here. Never trust anyone who does that. Both of them I am sure has done some freaky deaky in the dark. Look how they try to act so squirmy and puritanical here. Give her some liquor and trust me the party will be on. The way I see it,if you have ever engaged in any of these acts,oral sex,spraying in a woman's face, or if your a woman taking it in the face.. Then shut the hell up ok and stop pretending that what you saw disgusts you. Please no double standards allowed.. One standard will do just fine..This America sex sells! Now where is that Sprite?

OK OBAMAGIRL AD ONE MORE TIME! (oh I love this ad).

Tase Me Punk,,Ok Now Tase Me Again!!

Okay folks I just heard about this and have carefully reviewed the tape. Let me point out that there is differences between this case and the Gates case.Those differences being that there was no video present and the officer was less than honest in his report. Now in this case there is video to study. Now certain people will try to make a racial point out of both of these instances....and say that I am being a racist. Well any fair minded person who read my Gates/Crowley postings would not come away with that conclusion. That's because they are smart and the other guy is a huge racist dumb ass(but I don't mean that in a bad way).Did you listen to the lawyers flimsy explanation, it sounded very contrived he knows this a thin case. Also it seems that this lady wants some money that's why they are pursuing this civilly because the preponderance of evidence is less in a civil trial vs criminal,one deals with crimes the other torts.

Ok,first of all I am very familiar with police procedure and that gives me an interesting perspective. First of all,there is no such thing as a "routine traffic stop". Each stop is potentially dangerous,because when you get stopped by a cop. The civilian knows who they are dealing with(police). But the police are at a disadvantage, because they do not know if that person has just killed someone or on their way to do so or if they are a violent individual. So keep this in mind. Missouri State Trooper Brashears conducted a traffic stop and as he got out of his vehicle the suspect exited his vehicle and opened fire. Hitting the Trooper in the chest point blank at least eight times. Luckily Brashears was wearing his ballistic vest. He survived. The suspect was on his way to kill his boss.

Well back to our story. The officer observes her speeding in excess of the posted limit she also appeared to be talking on her cell phone(a legal no no in New York) according to the officer. This established what we will call "probable cause" to initiate a traffic stop. Now according to the lady's own story the officer conducted himself professionally up until the point to where she handed him the license then he turns to walk back to his vehicle then she gets out of her car to follow him....(the tape clearly shows this but cuts to when he turns around to meet her)ok right here the dynamic changes. She should have stayed in her vehicle. She claims she wanted to see the tape of her speeding...ok point of fact depending on the dept,the officer does not have access to the tape. And point two maybe she meant to say she wanted to see the radar gun(just sayin).Now she claimed she got out of her car to see the tape. Now take a moment here to think about what the cop is thinking...he just turned his back and now this person gets out of her car..this could be interpreted as a sign of aggression.He does not know if she has a weapon or what her intentions are. The cop clearly in the video points her back to her vehicle and he seems to be mouthing for her to get back in the car or as its known as a "verbal command". She just stands there not moving or as its called"passive resistance". So many cops have been killed before on seemly innocuous traffic stops such as these, whether there are kids in the car or not! The officer knew this and that's why when she went back into the car due to her previous behavior he may have feared she was going for a weapon and decided to arrest her on the spot. He pulled his taser(looked like an X-26 model taser,great taser btw) to get her to comply and when he perceived that she did not comply he discharged it until she did. So each cop has his or her own way of doing their duties. Also depending on the depts taser policy will decide if the cop was in compliance. The problem I see with the tape is that she did not move towards the officer"active aggression" after he turned around. She produced no weapon and seemed to pose no threat other than being difficult,then he produces the taser then tasers her in a speeding and phone violation stop. This is probably why the DA dropped those disorderly charges. The whore media does not break down stories in that fashion. It just sells more papers to say "cop tasers mom in front of kids". Boo Hoo! The Sheriff dept will settle out of court and the lady will get some money and the officer will probably get written up. If the media pressure is great then he might get suspended and terminated.

Friday, August 14, 2009

To Hell With The Fear Mongers Close Gitmo!

First this lie, then lying about Obama's health care plan.

What idiot actually believes this stupid idea of not closing Gitmo.
I am so sick of hearing this lie about if you close Gitmo then the terrorists will get loose and run over American and escape...WTF? How stupid can you be? How did we become so wimpy in this country. I mean I know that the right wing is weak on terror and love to run scared every time a terrorist goes boo and Limbaugh and his clones are big cowards. But I expect better from my fellow citizens. Lets get past this hysteria and look at the facts shall we.

Professor Anthony has a question. Does anyone in class know how many terrorists we now house in this country?...No takers...Anyone?.... Anyone?......Bueller?....Fry?....

Answer: 355 terrorists in the United States.

Here is the breakdown, we currently house 216 international terrorists in this country and 139 domestic terrorists. They have been incarcerated in American prisons for years with not one problem. The breakdown including,Zacharias Moussaoui(911 planner)Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman (The Blind Sheikh 1st WTC terrorist that Clinton jailed,)Richard Reid(shoe bomber)and the list goes on..Oh ..Oh don't let me forget to mention homegrown right wing domestic terrorists like Eric Rudolph(abortion bomber)Terry Nichols(Oklahoma City Bomber homeboy of Timmy McVeigh)left wing terrorist Ted Kaczynski(Unabomber)and this is just in the state of Colorado. Like I said the list goes on. We house dangerous criminals who have not Manson,Richard Ramirez(the night stalker)Ted Bundy(we killed him later) and let us not forget all of the dangerous organized crime figures we house and mass murderers.
For years in the state of Kansas alone was housed some of the most feared vicious killers known to man before they were shipped to Colorado. Feared killers like Thomas Silverstein and Thomas Little not mentioning the rapists. You also have military personnel who killed their families or other troops in the barracks out there . Not one peep from any of them. Now if they had escaped they could have easily blended in with the population.This irrational fear has to stop. The right wing wants you to be afraid.Lest us also not forget one of the most feared serial killers in the US, Richard(Iceman) Kuklinski was housed safely in Rahway prison until his death a few years ago. We are fully capable of housing these terrorists safely. If it's one thing Americans do well...its prisons! So don't give into this fear and don't let these idiots get to you. They will yell, scream and lie to you. They can only make these stupid claims because most people do not realize who is already in their back yards and these neo cons are just a bunch of dumb asses(plus you can't water board in the US). So bring up that little fun little fact and watch them squirm. Please don't be fooled by the colossal ignorance coming from the right. I mean be honest,if your afraid of swarthy looking people then just say so. But do not act as if we can't handle the terrorists in our jails and prisons because we are so fragile, what a cop out!

Kudos To Michael Vick(Oh Yeah And Fuck Peta Too)

I dare you animal lovers to watch this video!!!!

Congratulations to Michael Vick for getting signed to the Eagles. It's great to live in a country where if you make a mistake then you can pay for that mistake. But noooo, I guess Peta and every extreme loony left pet loving nutcase is all up in arms about this....Why? Who in the hell knows. This has always been my problem with the extreme left. I have always believed that being on the extreme makes you stupid(just look at all the crazy postings on this site from the right wingers and left wingers)from the birthers to the death panels to the religious nutcases to the animals nutcase whacko's. You see folks this is the crux of the matter of being the Evil Genius. To be a proper free thinking individual you must rid yourself of any cognitive dissonance pertaining to what I am saying in regards to this subject. Let facts be your guide not blind faith.

I have always been a radical centrist who has never defined myself by left and right issues. Look, there is nothing wrong with loving your animals. Just don't go overboard with it and don't get mad at me just because I am for animal testing and that I think that Vick's a great guy. Now with that said,I don't think that animals should be abused(beaten up or used as sex objects). Now, I also hate it when the extremists on your side break into labs and steal these animals from laboratories or firebombing buildings(lord knows that's the job of those stupid rightwing nutcases who bomb abortion clinics). Or Peta criminals throwing paint on people wearing fur coats that constitutes assault and warrants a really quick ass whipping(just saying).If you agree with and do not denounce these despicable acts of leftwing violent criminal terrorism,then you are part of the problem and your are a f**king nutcase. So stop agreeing with these extremist hypocritical fake animal loving zombie people when it comes to bashing Vick. They are not making any logical sense.I also don't think that Vick has to be sorry anymore for what he did. He paid his debt to society and now its over so leave him alone! You know you have people in Asia who eat dogs and you have animals lovers who have sex with their animals(nasty bastards)now I am not saying all animals lovers engage in this sick behavior, I just like to point out the dangers of the extreme behaviors. You guys need to get a life and stop harassing Vick.

You guys seem to care more about animals then your own fellow humans beings. I would gladly kill animals if I knew that he would advance the human agenda. How about taking Peta to task for the animals they slaughtered or better yet how come they have all the money in donations and yet do not operate a single animal shelter anywhere in the country? You have people who tie dogs and cats(great shark bait btw)on the continent of Africa(hear that Palin...continent)on fishing lines for shark fishing. I cringed when I saw that puppy being thrown from a cliff in Iraq by a us soldier or the video on the net of the puppy being thrown in the pit of alligators on the net(check it out)and then being ripped to shreds. You know why? because I have a heart. But I equally hate it when I see a man make a mistake and then serves his time and then he gets out and is harassed by a group of loony left leaning animal loving criminal thugs who makes his life a living hell(that's what marriage is for). Which proves my point. It doesn't matter if you payed a price or not people will bitch and moan over anything.Get a life you Peta cultists and keep your hands off my animal enjoyment!

click on these links if you still think Peta is A-ok!

Another Ass Whipping Handed Out!

Let the smart people take over. Watch this congressman kick neocon ass with the Glenn Beck comment then watch the smart people list more facts. This lady in the audience obviously watches Fox News because she was of course wrong on everything
Again the dems must be listening to me about listing the facts to beat the "reich wing"
These guys bulbs are so dim that the only thing they can do is just make stupid posts to blogs and name call even though they are wrong . I love how congressman Larsen simply stated the facts. This is how we marginalized these people. See the transcript below or watch the video.

CITIZEN: I have two real concerns about the nationalized health care insurance.

Why are all Americans forced into a government-run health care and insurance plan when only 46 million out of 312 million are uninsured? Do you want me to break down how those insured are found? 12 million are illegal immigrants, 17 million earn $50,000 plus and choose not to have inurance. 8.8 million without insurance for four months or less…or more because they’re between…they’re unemployed and between jobs. 8.2 are chronically uninsured. That’s a total of 46 million people. I’d be willing for the government to buy insurance policies for the 8.2 million chronically uninsured, but the other 37.8 million are not the responsibility of the American citizens and I will…I’m not willing…and I am unwilling to throw my present health care away for them.

LARSEN: Thanks. Thanks, Jim. Thanks for your input and your comments. With regards to the first comment about being forced to buy health care, I’ll say it again, not ‘till I’m blue in the face, I may get cold enough and I’ll look blue in the face here tonight, but it won’t be until I’m blue in the face. The bill does not force anybody to buy health care, to change…to change….I’m sorry, the bill does not force anybody to change their health care plan. If you’re in a plan, you will not be forced into the public option. You will not be forced into the health insurance exchange. Now folks will say that’s not true, but I’ve got facts on my side and you’ve got Glenn Beck on your side. It’s just not going to play off that way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Interesting Quotes.

"I feel very, really lucky."
-- Paola Casali, who missed the tourist
helicopter that crashed in New York City,

Click on link:,26174,1915577,00.html

Hmmmm and when she says "God reached out and saved me,"
I always wonder why He killed the others...?

It was a terrible tragedy what happened in New York the other day. But I am always puzzled when I hear otherwise bright people talk this way. Now I know someof you lazy thinkers will say ...Oh but god had a plan....Oh just shutup and Blow it out your ass!

Good News!!

I really loved this article and I urge you guys to read it. And you thought these idiots were stupid.

Conservative talk radio has never been more angry and extreme than today.
You might think that’s a response to the Obama presidency. That's because it is.
But even more, conservative talkers are responding to a collapse in advertising revenues.

Talk radio has lost 30-40% of its ad revenues over the past two years.

"One of the most civil voices biggest assholes in talk radio, Michael Medved, explains the economic pressure upon the industry. He told NewMajority: “In this economic environment, you have a push to be outrageous, to be on the fringe, because what you’re desperately competing for are the P-1's,[those who tune in most frequently]. As a result, talk radio hosts are feeling more pressure than usual
to yell harder, scream louder, and insult further. Talk shows “are fighting for an ever- smaller pie,[which means that] you’ve got to be even louder about it because you’re trying to get the attention of
an ever-smaller niche,” said Medved.

Bullshit, as always, from the Medved dummy.
The truth is the Rush makes $40M a year and all the clones want his paycheck.

Plus revenues are falling at talk radio. This country has issues and the brainless troglodytes don't want their hourly fix of AM Radio race-hate?

Never under estimate racism these whack jobs are still going to tune in like always.
They can't survive without hourly assurances that "that nigger" is a fraud from Kenya.

Last Angry White Guys!

That statement was actually made...I will pause for the irony to sink in and the laughter to subside...

What we're seeing in these angry town halls these days is the last gasp of the angry white man. He's not quite sure what he's angry about, but he knows he's angry. It's not the world he used to know.
He gets the disquieting feeling that he doesn't rule the roost anymore. And it's driving him crazy.

One of the chants at the town hall events was, "No national health care!" Okay, mission accomplished.No one has proposed such a thing. So, I guess they can go home now befuddled at what they were yelling about.

The reality is that what they have been manipulated into arguing against is a public option that would give them more choices, not less in health insurance. It wouldn't nationalize health insurance at all, let alone any part of the rest of the healthcare industry.

But this isn't about health insurance. It isn't even about health care. You think those people are really this animated about having less health care options and making sure it costs more for them and their family? No, this is visceral for them. And it has nothing to do with their perceived choices on health care.
This is about the sinking feeling in their stomach that they are losing power in this country - losing control. That the reigns of power are slipping out of their hands and they don't know what to do about it except yell, really loud.

You see folks,in other words, all that talk about "equality" was bullshit
because rich, white, straight, old Republicans want to run everything.

Click here


Check out this shiggity..."It is not a question of her being qualified or not. She was picked for being a female and Hispanic. A quota pick...not necessarily the best pick, but what else would one expect from a pink tea bag sucking bambino ass kissing frog saving military hating liberal?"

-Another insecure white guy posting a comment pretending that Sotomayor does not have a 25 year record of judicial service and at least 4 cases where she sided with....are you ready for this.... Whiteguys!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama Care(Lets Be Real).

Look at this chart and be happy your smart.
Obamacare, he has death panels and will keep an enemies list....People are so stupid. Maher was right America is dumb! I had a reader ask me "you mean to tell me there are really that many fucking idiots in this country?"
Of course in all fairness I informed him the correct term is "racist sons of bitches."
It boils down to this...
All this crap about "We're losing our freedoms and our very livelihoods"
is code for, "We just can't stand a nigger in the White House."

The sincere stupidity and handjobbery is in the South.(figures).

Please Stay Stupid..

So, Judge Sotomayor is NOT qualified after 25 years on the bench
but McCain's swimsuit model IS qualified to run planet Earth?

Palin is an idiot and a half. No wonder these stupid neo cons see her as a leader.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Hypocrisy! Jesus Is As Jesus Does.

Is There Really Any Difference Here? WWJD MY ASS!

This is not a picture of Jesus..This(to put it accurately)is a interpretation of him. Since no one knew how he really looked or even if he even existed at all according to some biblical scholars. This interpretation is what you will find in churches all over the world. white/black etc...But my point is this. Christians love to laugh at Muslims extremists belief of meeting up with "72 virgins" and god in the afterlife.(Of course my view is after the 2nd virgin you pretty much might want a woman who has been around the block a few times and who is a pro(freak ya down right)...just saying..?) But I digress. But christians wholeheartedly believe that in the afterlife they are reunited with their "dead relatives and friends" and meet god on an invisible cloud or in Heaven. Isn't that very interesting? They are not that far apart folks. I guess every religion has their own kind of "out there" beliefs...I want all you christians to ponder this posting very deeply next time you insult someone else's religion.

Funny,How People Change In Two Years.


Oh Bless His little Heart, Praise The Lord.

Oh this is funny(since nothing serious happened) I can now laugh and make jokes about it. This little 7 year old boy did not want to go to church so he stole his dads car. Watch the video.

Friends Don't Let Republicans Date Alone!

This is a shame. A distraught guy busts into a fitness center and mows down innocents.

Gunman At Pa. Health Club Was Bitter Over Women
Killed Three Women, Shot Another Six Or So.


Friends mourned for three women fatally shot during their exercise class at a Pittsburgh-area gym by
a man whose online diary revealed he felt ignored by women and had an "exit plan" to avenge his rage.

George Sodini went to a fitness club on Tuesday night and opened fire with three guns, spraying dozens of bullets before committing suicide.

On his blog he wrote: "Women just don't like me. There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate)
and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive," the 48-year-old Republican said. He wrote that he hadn't had a girlfriend since 1984, hadn't slept with a woman in 19 years.

Way To Go Bill!

It was a breath of fresh air to read this article
Link :

This Is So Great!!!

Awww.... Hell...Naw. This is so funny. Watch as this nutjob has a meltdown right on tv. She actually pulls this statistic right out of her ass about 85% of Americans think Obama was not vetted properly...HUH? She never cites the source .. she just blurts it out and hopes no one asks her any hard questions about it. This is what happens to you when your ass is caught lying.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I can't stop from laughing at the birthers, their leader just got viciously punked! Oh man this is so funny. These idiots are so ashamed now. But please lets continue to kick them when they are down. Remember how that latched on to that fake Kenyan birth certificate and was told it was a fake but they ignored facts. Anyway it turned out be a fake(big surprise).Here is a piece of video of this stupid hysterical woman and here is the funny article.

The Birthers Got "Punk'd" With Fake Certificate
By Eric Kleefeld - August 6, 2009, 1:59PM

It now looks like the forged "Kenyan" Obama birth certificate that was briefly promoted by the Birthers -- actually an altered copy of a decades-old South Australian birth certificate -- was deliberately designed as a prank on the Birther movement itself, Dave Weigel reports.

An anonymous person has put up an Internet posting showing photos of the document, against a bed sheet background that matches the photo promoted by Orly Taitz. One of the photos shows a crumpled up certificate with the following message written on it: "YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D!"

The forgery was apparently created using fine cotton business paper, an inkjet printer, an old manual typewriter, and a fountain pen. The supposed government seal is actually an imprint made with an old two-shilling coin. (Pre-decimal British money can easily be purchased from souvenir vendors or on eBay.)

As the anonymous poster says: "Punkin' the Birthers: Priceless."

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This Was Funny!

I thought this was hilarious.This is a comment from a reader who only knows how to express himself and gets the facts wrong. This shows how desperate these losers are.

"If Bush was still in office and there was any questions of his birth tree hugging douche bag progressives would be demanding he come clean but since their 'chimp' is in office they look the other way.

I mean look at some of Obongo's supporters trying to toss out KFC demons out of black kids. Amazing intellects the lot of them.."

Now if we were to really indulge this pathetic race baiter.We would discover how scared this person really is. I mean think about what he/she wrote here. Any fair minded person who ever criticized Bush was called a traitor and all sorts of things. This idiot knows this. I guess we are supposed to be offended with words like "Chimp" or "KFC". They are really talking about themselves here not us. They cling to the bell curve like scientologists cling to scientology. They are so afraid and frail and weak.People like this will never say it to your face. These are pathetic racist fools. Look at how they acted when Clinton rescued those two americans...they were so upset and depressed. Everytime I get a post like this I smile and laugh because these right wing losers are slowly headed down the downward spiral and I am loving every minute of it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Way To Go Anthony!!!!!

This is what happens when you list the facts folks,republicans scurry like roaches. But wow, another democrat surprised me the other day. I was pretty sure outside of Rahm and some others I mentioned that the rest was a bunch of wusses...ya know like republicans. It seems like these guys are graduating from my school of "Smack my GOP bitch up"! But I must stand corrected. Anthony Weiner(D-balls of steel) took on the lying right and made them shut up and shown them for what they really are loud mouth weaklings who have not the courage of their convictions... etc they are weak on terror and have not kept us safe,shilling for the insurance companies and do not believe in fact based analysis for anything. Case in point did you know this birther movement that's going around...well now they are shifting blame on MSNBC as the culprits of creating this story...I know, it sounds stupid right? Anyway ..Anthony discovered that these bigfoot chasers are really cowards and if you slap them just right they cave in. Which is what he did when he sponsored a bill to kill medicare.... because by definition that is socialism.. He challenged the hypocrites, that if they are so against socialized medicine because its evil and does not work then vote for his bill. Ha ha not one GOP member voted for it and you want to know why? Outside of being full of crap and cowards they knew that socialism does work and Americans like it. The GOP is crazy and wacky but they are not that stupid....well maybe???

Monday, August 03, 2009

Gay Exorcism?.....Really!...No Shit!!

First Bobby Jindal's crazy exorcism in college. Then Palin's crazy nutty ass with her witch doctor church,Catholic priest tag teaming little boys, scientologists and their crazy beliefs. I even think dog psychology was a little out there(still do),water-dowsing,alien abduction,the birthers,crazy Tracey, Fox News. But this takes the cake(check please). Now we have this video from Pastor Patricia Mckinney(nutjob)church in New England. This is a video of a gay exorcism, huh?.... F**KING GAY EXORCISM!!!....I had to repeat that because I am kind of sane. Now keep in mind I thought that the gay rehab the reverend Ted Haggard(Bush buddy)went to in Colorado was a joke(you know,give us 30 days and we will take away the cock) This is so sad and is a testament to how religion can make you stupid and can bring on mental illness. I will say, nothing is more terrible and sad than the persecution of gays through politics or religion in our society. We deny them marriage and adoption in some cases. Science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can be born homosexual. There should never be any shame attached to that at all. Religion and ignorance makes it shameful. No amount of praying or writhing around on the ground will change that fact(look at Catholic priests). This video I found very disturbing but I will let you make up your own mind.

This Is How A Whipping Is Handed Out!

I love to watch this. Watch Elizabeth get her butt handed to her and discover she is out of her league. Plus she spews this lie about the techniques were approved. Jesse did right by saying by whom? Well, I will tell you by whom. The people that wanted to water board in the first place approved the techniques of waterboarding(isn't that amazing)? Elizabeth you are such an idiot. But you look good and that's all your worth honey. Now I have a question to all of you water boarding people. If it works then how come Khalid Sheik Muhhammad, who was close to Bin Laden and had information on him.and talked to him all the time. Why did we have to water board him 183 times if it works so well? Why so many times? Because he claimed he lied to stop the torture and would say anything. So my point is, if its so effective, then how come we have not found Bin Laden yet despite the fact we have his number 2 guy? I will wait for answers. Also watch how he smacks up the Fox News people. Watch Kilmeade walk out like the beat wimp that he is. This how you do it folks,they don't debate fairly, so you have to intellectual stomp these guys in to the ground.

Meanwhile enjoy this intellectual whipping!!!

The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

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Only The Truth Is Funny....

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My Parthinian Shot On The Gates Fiasco! The Last Word!

Now it is common knowledge that I like to beat up on Dems and Neo cons. I love to punch them hard in the political nutsack. I beat them like Ike beat Tina, like Obama beat McCain,like Palin beat Alaska, like Godzilla beat Mekagodzilla. So I would like to take the time to smack all of you bitches up like a whore that came up short with my money. Its great,when a judge on Fox News agrees with me. Because this guy studied the law on the Gates issue. He has the experience in the courts and that trumps any evidence that a certain person has tried to ineffectively argue the last few blogs.Lets keep in mind I made these same points.

I present to you Judge Napolitano......

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News judicial analyst, explained that under Massachusetts law, Cambridge Sergeant Jim Crowley did act improperly by arresting historian Henry Louis Gates. His argument essentially boils down to the difference between public and private domain. As Crowley arrested
Gates for causing a “public disturbance,” the action is improper on its face due to the fact that Gates was in his own home. Additionally, Napolitano said, it was illegal for the police to enter the house to begin with, as the source of the report did not pass legal muster to constitute probable cause.

Napolitano added that because of the violation of Gates’s constitutional rights,
he would be eligible to pursue legal action against the police department

Here is the link please click on it and read and watch the video,so I can rub it in Bigdogs and the others face about how wrong they are(as usual).

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does Redux

You have to give it to Franken he sure knows how to put his point across.
Remember how the Sotomayor hearings went down? First of all I am many ways can these neo cons ask the two same questions?(Fire dept and the wise latina remark)I mean they never listed the actual facts of that firemans case. Which btw they have never had a problem with that remark when she was confirmed the other time
I mean it was so boring. Franken has the GOP so scared that they only kept playing his Perry Mason quip from the hearings on radio and Fox News in an endless loop because the rest of what he said scared them shitless!The funny part is that you have to ignore all the facts to see things the way these dummies saw them. Now we all know what facts are don't we? Facts are what the "wimps" are afraid to list and they are what republicans fear most.Let me give you an example of some facts that congressional "wimps" are afraid to talk about and the GOP fears shitless.

Sotomayor's record: You see the only thing they can bring up are those two items..Why you may ask? Because if they did bring up her record they would learn as others did that she is no liberal and has sided with white guys majority of the time. Well you can't have that getting out there especially with Jeff Sessions(R-Hypocrite racist) who has ties to the KKK and is on record stating that they are a great organization.Having the nerve to call or assume or to imply that Sotomayor is a racist.Hell those racists know their own kind.I know some idiots love to bring up Robert Byrd(D) who is a former klansman and btw is on record stating that it was a mistake and he deeply regrets it.

Obama's Birth Certificate: Now I have written extensively on this subject and this is just plain stupid. These dumb asses are so stupid who can believe this even for a second? I guess they should also believe the earth is flat and in fairies and the Lochness monster and etc.. Why can't these bigots just say I am not comfortable with this black man in office. I am insecure in my whiteness and I feel my kind and I should keep running the world and we are more comfortable with you darkies and other minorities in a lesser role. We don't really mean that crap about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps(whites only). Here is what they really want to say "Why don't you coloreds just know your place because now we have to go out on a limb and make up this extreme belief to be acceptable to society and we are having problems doing it you damn coloreds.Its hard making this shit up, I mean Lou Dobbs,any Fox news person(except O'reilly and I was shocked too)convicted felon G.Gordon Liddy(this guy subverted the constitution) and of course every whacko religious nutcase.

Sarah Palin was qualified: This one does not even warrant a reponse.

Leowen Group: I hope I spelled this one correctly. This organization has been referenced in every Gop speech I have heard since this health care situation started. From Gingrich to Limbaugh. They claimed it is an independent think thank non partisan..........Riiiight! Okay here is what your friendly neighborhood Anthony found out. The Leowen group is really part of an insurance company called United Health Group(that has given lots of money to republicans, partisan my ass)which has a subsidiary called the Leowen Group. Remember United Health Group was the same company who defrauded their customers(Look it up). Wow its great to see the GOP looking out for the little people.

Hypocrisy: Although you do see this on both sides. It is the GOP who has no shame when it comes to hypocrisy. Anytime a "wimp"gets caught with his penis in a woman or having an affair. The Gop puts on their Jesus shirts and scream family values and rule of law and impeachment. But when these little liars get caught doing the same thing. You immediately realize that the slogans were all just a joke and they don't want to hear impeachment and rule of law. They just ignore it and hopes it goes away and minimize it. These guys are such a joke. They have no honor, no integrity, no morals. Plus they use religion as a theater prop.